Nina Groop

Life Coach, Author, Speaker


nina bio Words change lives—the ones we think, the ones we say, the ones said to us, and the ones we write.

In college, a professor wrote seven words on one of my papers—“You could be a professional writer someday”—and changed the trajectory of my life. I transferred schools, switched majors, and decided to illuminate other people's stories by becoming a journalist. Instead, I became an editor, because priorities change lives too. More than I wanted to be a journalist, I wanted to be a mom someday, with the flexibility to be at home with my kids as much as possible, and editing seemed like the best path.

Many years and four sons later, I am both an editor and a writer, but I see that neither is confined to words on a page. I love the art of writing, but more than that, I love the art of living. Every day we use our beliefs, hopes, and dreams to write the story of our lives, and with our choices we edit.

I know firsthand the bravery and tough choices that such editing can require. The story of my marriage and divorce includes anger issues, alcoholism, untreated mental illness, and a protective order. But I also know that despite heartbreak and challenging circumstances, it is possible to write a new future filled with joy.

These days I find joy in work, in the woods, in poetry and podcasts, and with my sons and friends. My hands wrapped around a hot cup of strong coffee delivers lots of joy too.