Nina Groop

Life Coach, Author, Speaker

Blessing for a New Year

As you stand on the cusp of the new year, may your heart fill with yes. Yes for what was and yes for what will be because reality is where we meet ourselves and God. 
May your heart be humble, may you approach the future with openness and expectation. May you stop projecting what you think and expect on what you don’t yet know. May you hold hope for what you can’t yet see, imagine, or dream. 
May you see with your heart and decide to love with your whole self— yourself, your loved ones, your community, and this beautiful earth. May you see with fresh eyes, see beyond what you have seen and known before. May delight and surprise be your companions. 
May you hear the earth speaking her piece about seasons and growth and abundance and loss and grief. May you be comforted by moon phases and ocean waves and starlight. May you feel the earth holding you. 
May you tend the fire called Joy, feeding your life with gratitude and wonder and learning and newness and love. May you keep growing and exploring and transforming, so that your life itself is a bright flame that warms others and sheds light on their path. 
May you approach each day the way my 90-year-old father did near the end of his life when he overturned his DNR by saying, “Shock me, I want to live.” May you live with that thirst and that passion, saying yes to each day set before you. 
I wish you a year of new trails and new vistas. A year of appreciation and celebration. A year of proclaiming yes, it is good. 
Welcome 2022. We say yes, we want to live.